Cinewav puts event audio in your pocket

Internet, Everywhere, 20 June 2023 – Cinewav, a world-first technology that puts live event audio in your pocket, is looking to expand its presence in the live events, sports and broadcast sector.

The platform has already been successfully enjoyed by thousands of guests at outdoor cinema events and at festivals including Vivid Sydney 2023 where Cinewav enriched dozens of immersive, super-sized light, drone shows and animations with personalised soundtracks. At the Danang International Fireworks Festival 2023 (DIFF2023), Cinewav synchronised the audio soundtrack with Fireworks displays via mobile phones to locals and tourists across Da Nang, Vietnam’s fifth most populated city. Upcoming global projects include Drive-ins and cinematic screenings at cultural attractions, hotels and resorts.

Cinewav is a patented platform and mobile app that allows users to watch visuals on a big public screen and listen to the audio in perfect synchronicity on their own mobile phones giving users a very high quality, immersive and personal experience.

“The Cinewav app allows the downloading of an audio file for specific movie (or other audio-visual content) to watch the movie visuals on a big public screen while listening to the audio on your personal smartphone or earbuds/headphones to scale audio, eliminate noise pollution and enable big-screen magic anywhere,” said Jason Chan, Co-Founder at Cinewav.

Responding to customer feedback, Cinewav has added a live broadcast function. This disruptive audio technology can scale to as many users as needed.

Behind Cinewav is a team of seasoned film makers and support engineers with a passion for making audio a superior experience for events. The company has its headquarters in Singapore.

Cinewav Co-Founder, Christian Lee said: “Having proved the power of Cinewav as a means of engaging audiences at scale in immersive storytelling we aim to bring the experience to live events around the world. For instance, the broadcast of a major sports event could offer live commentary from a commentator on site at the match and in a preferred language. Just imagine getting live commentary at the stadium of a football match or being able to switch to your favourite commentator!”

“There are clear gains for designers and event producers looking to unlock creativity and imagination but also reduce the carbon footprint (and financial cost) of power-hungry loudspeakers. The technology also eliminates noise pollution allowing the use of novel event spaces and is a low-cost way to monetise audio-visual events in open public spaces.”

Available on the Apple and Google Play App Stores, Cinewav is also a contactless event ticketing platform with a ticket scanning app for access control and redemption of pre-sold products. Event holders only need the Cinewav player on their laptop.

Cinewav has a growing library of blockbuster and classic films protected by Hollywood grade encryption making it a turnkey solution for screenings.

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Cinewav enables event holders to bring cinema anywhere! Cinema Screenings and Drive-ins © Cinewav
Vivid Sydney © Desintation NSW
Opening Night, 2 June 2023 © Danang International Fireworks Festival 2023 & Sun Group.

About Cinewav
Founded in 2018, Cinewav is dedicated to enriching the viewer experience by providing outstanding, cinematic quality audio. Leveraging smartphones to deliver synchronised audio allows intimate, personalised audio experiences at scale reaching up to hundreds and thousands at once. Research and development facilities are in Singapore.

Press Contact: Katinka Allender, Publicist, Email:, +44 208 133 0246.

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