The Concept

Cinewav allows users to watch a film on a big screen while listening to the audio on their smartphones (in high quality and perfectly in sync). 

This allows for scaling of audio, elimination of noise pollution and costly speaker systems. 

It also allows the creation of novel new cinematic experiences just about anywhere: on rooftops, in the middle of the city, on beaches, in forests (all without noise pollution or compromise in audio quality). 


Events are created on the Cinewav website. The audio of the film needs to be extracted as an mp3 (constant bit rate) and uploaded here. 

The film should be in mp4 format and is played locally on the event holder's laptop through the Cinewav Master Player.

Audience members securely download the mp3 as an Audio Ticket in the Cinewav app


Event holders only need a projector, a screen, a laptop with the Cinewav Master Player and an internet connection.

Audience members only need their mobile phone with an internet connection, the Cinewav app and a pair of headphones.

At the event, audience members simply press play on their Audio Ticket and when the event holder plays the film through the Cinewav Master Player - all phones will instantly sync their audio with the visuals from the film.

4 simple steps

Get Started Tutorial

Create your first Cinewav Experience in just 4 steps

Sign UP

Sign up as an Event Holder. After signing up, check your email to activate your account.

Create An Event

Use the Event Wizard to create an event and upload your event audio file (mp3).

Get Your Audio Ticket

Install the Cinewav app on your phone and get the audio ticket.

Start the Master Player

Download the Master Player to your laptop, login, open your film file (mp4) and press play.

Create an event

Try creating your first event. First download our demo media files then watch the video below for some guidance.

Download DEMO MEdia

Try creating your own event with our demo media files (one video mp4 and one audio file (m4a). Note: audio files may be mp3 or m4a format.


Creating a Demo Event

Watch this short video tutorial and create your first Cinewav event.

Get your audio ticket

Search for "Cinewav" in the iOS or Android app store and install it on your phone. Then watch the video below to find out how your audience will be able to download your Audio Ticket.

Using the Mobile App

How to get your Audio Ticket

Start the Master Player

Download the Cinewav Master Player app below and watch the following video on how to use it.

Download Cinewav Master Player

Download the Cinewav Master Player for Windows or Mac and start using Cinewav. Login using your event holder credentials, select your event, open the video file and click play.


Using the Master Player

How to use the Master Player App on your laptop.

Recommended Setup


Any projector, LED screen, TV will work. 

We recommend Epson projector models: EH-TW650, EB-U50, EB-2255U or better. These are full HD (1080p) and at least 3100 lumens. Epson projectors are generally much brighter across the color range than other brands at the same lumen rating.

Laptop (Mac or PC)

Mac or PC. Make sure all notifications are shut off. Close all other applications and browser tabs as well. There should be no programs using the internet while the movie is playing.

Mobile data router

We recommend that the laptop uses it's own data connection. It is best is to use a separate mobile data router (mifi) like the one in the picture (with a 4G sim card). Connect the laptop's wifi to the mobile router. Don't share this router's connection with anyone - it should be reserved only for the laptop. Although Cinewav uses very little data through a movie session any interruptions to the data can affect sync quality. The data connection does not need to be fast 3G will work too.

We don't recommend using public wifi.

Ready to use your own media?

Just use our Media Converter (in the Master Player) to make sure your Video and Audio files 

are in the right format for playing on the Cinewav platform.

Video should be in mp4 or mov (h264 encoding) and Audio should be HE-AAC or mp3.

Our Media Converter does it all for you.

Using the Cinewav Media Converter 

Using the Cinewav Media Converter

How to use the Cinewav Media Converter in the Master Player to convert your own files.
FAQ / knowledge base

Have any problems?

If you don't get your answers here do contact us below or in the live chat box.

turn off notifications and close all other apps on master player laptop
Please close all other apps apart from the Cinewav Master Player when using it as other apps may interfere with its internet connection. Also turn off all notifications as this may also interfere with internet messaging to keep sync.
What are "Ticket Types"?
You can create multiple types of tickets for an event. For example "General entry" which might be a free ticket, or "VIP" which might be reserved seating with special catering. Just name the tickets accordingly and briefly describe them before adding price and performance capacity. 
What settings are best for Audio file?
We find HE-AACv1 or v2 the best codec for audio files. You can also use mp3. For both you must use a constant bit rate or it will not be in sync. Variable bit rate will NOT WORK.  For best quality use our Media Converter (in Settings in Master Player) you can adjust quality but our recommended settings work well.
Can I use Apple's compressor to create the audio FILES?
Yes, Apple's Compressor is excellent at creating the mp3 or HE-AAC audio files. Once again make sure you UNCHECK variable bit rate. You must use constant bit rate of at least 160kbps or higher for mp3 and 48kbps or higher for HE-AAC. 
For best sync results: the laptop with the master player should have its own internet connection (a mobile 4g router that is not shared or a strong, fast wifi connection). User mobile phones should use their own 4g connection - don't worry very little data is used to keep sync.   



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