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Cinewav Experiences in Singapore

SG's Hidden seaside Cinema
Cinewav @ MKB


This season is on hold for now as Marina at Keppel Bay is undergoing re-development. However, there is a beautiful pier that can be used for corporate / private screenings. Contact us for more information. 
Skypark Cinema experience
Cinewav Movies in the sky


Sit atop the Marina Bay Sands at their Skypark Observation Deck with a million dollar view of the Marina Bay. Watch a movie with immersive audio. The constant breeze will never blow your audio away. 

Event Screenings / corporate bookings
Cinewav everywhere


Cinewav solves so many issues with audio in any setting making it a perfect solution to any outdoor movie, tour, light projection, drone show, fireworks exhibition. Contact us for corporate bookings or to use Cinewav. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For SG screenings - What happens if it rains?

For outdoor movie screenings held by Cinewav (Cinewav@MKB or Cinewav Movies in the Sky) we are subject to prevailing, unpredictable weather conditions. Specifically, rain will not prohibit the screenings of films. Cancellations due to weather will only occur if weather conditions present a danger at the venue at the specific screening time for that film.

By purchasing a ticket, patrons accept that they are paying for a screening that commences at approximately the time stated on the ticket and that weather conditions before the screening time and in other parts of Singapore will not result in a screening being cancelled.

Patrons also accept the risk that weather they consider unsatisfactory might occur on the night of the screening, and acknowledge that tickets will not be refunded if a screening is cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions at screening time or if a force majeure event occurs.

In the unlikely event that a screening is cancelled, information will be posted on Cinewav's Facebook and Instagram accounts and customers who purchased the tickets will be emailed directly. Customers acknowledge that they may not get timely notice of a cancellation since Singapore’s weather conditions can change rapidly and cancellations may need to occur at short notice.

For SG Screenings - Refund Policy

In the event of a cancellation due to dangerous weather conditions a credit to another screening of the same value at the same venue may be offered. Please contact Cinewav directly to arrange such a credit coupon.

Site staff are not able to make refunds. 

Can I hire Cinewav for a corporate event?

Yes, Cinewav has been handling many corporate events at our venues, specifically Marina at Keppel Bay, as well as in other areas of Singapore. We bring a full package of screen, projector, Cinewav audio system (HD audio through the phone), permits and film licencing. Just contact us below to discuss your next staff bonding event. 

Can I use Cinewav to run my own cinema?

Yes, absolutely, that's what we built Cinewav for. By using Cinewav you have a scalable, high quality audio system that is eco-friendly: no noise pollution, no massive speakers, minimal manpower, no huge electrical draw... Cinewav makes running your own cinema hassle free! Contact us below so we can show you how to start. We can get you started in under an hour!

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