About Cinewav

Start a cinema in your hotel or resort

Cinewav is an affordable, turnkey way to start a cinema in your hotel or resort. Finally, you can quickly and easily create cinema experiences in your ballroom, poolside, restaurant or function centre without disturbing other guests and without all the complicated audio equipment of the past.

Cinewav is a mobile app that allows users to watch a movie on a big screen and listen to the audio on their mobile phones and headphones (perfectly in sync). This replaces speakers and expensive, complicated hardware, scaling to as many users as needed and eliminates noise pollution.

Starting a silent cinema in your hotel or resort is as easy as setting up a screen and projector. Setup can be as a little as 5 minutes. Give your guests high fidelity, immersive audio right from their own smartphones.  

Cinewav even has an inbuilt movie library with titles from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Nat Geo and more... Just pick a movie, we'll help you get the licence then plug and play! Event movie screenings have never been easier!

Start a Cinema in your Hotel or Resort
Start a cinema in your hotel

The biggest problem with starting a cinema in a hotel or resort is noise pollution and acoustics. Cinewav is an audio solution that solves all of that and more.

No need for costly speaker systems, FM broadcast or complicated wifi hardware.

All a hotel needs is a laptop with the Cinewav media player. All their patrons need are their smartphones and earbuds. Start a cinema by the pool, in the ballroom or at your al fresco restaurant area. 

Even better - no noise pollution disturbing other guests.

(Photo from Cinema Paradiso Ibiza)

Play two movies at the same time
Multiple Movies Simultaneously

Because it's silent cinema you can even have multiple screens showing different movies simultaneously: one for the kids, one for their parents. 

You can even offer multiple language tracks if they're available. Many animations are dubbed in different languages. Imagine International guests being able to watch the movie in their own language.

Pair food with movies
Food and film Experience

Pair it with a culinary package and your hotel or resort can offer a food and film experience that tops traditional cinemas.

Create themed movie nights based on the film's location. Imagine watching a culinary film set in Italy and having the same food on screen served to you through the night. 

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore & Sunday's Beach Club, Bali

Resort and Hotel Movie Screenings

How it works - for your guests

download the Cinewav app

Guests can download the app on the Google Play and Apple Store

Find your event

They can be directed straight to your event with a link or QR code

buy and download the audio ticket

If it's a ticketed event your guests can pay through the app. They can even pre-order F&B packages. The audio file is downloaded in-app prior to the event

enjoy the cinewav experience

They bring their headphones and watch the film on a big screen while listening to the audio from their smartphone.

Benefits for our partners

Event Holders:

  • Turnkey solution for event movie screenings
  • No special equipment required - a laptop and a projector
  • Scalable audio without noise pollution
  • Replace expensive sound systems
  • Turn any outdoor or indoor space into a cinema
  • Pre-sell tickets and F&B
  • Contactless ticketing
  • Ticket scanner app
  • Perfect for socially distanced events
  • Transparent reporting and direct payments
  • Movie library with films from Disney, 20th Century Studios, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Fox Network Group, Sony and growing.

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